Fire Research WorkPro LED Lampheads

Product Overview

The WorkPro™ series of work lights are built tough enough to handle most mobile applications and provide bright LED light for a safer work setting. A durable, compact design – the cast aluminum housing and polycarbonate lens in all seven models were created to handle your everyday tasks, even in the harshest work environments! Available in either a spot or flood beam option to suit your work needs. Choose from yoke and recessed mount models for flexible mounting configurations. All models carry IP67 and greater Waterproof rating. Compact but mighty – these lights range in size from approximately 3″ high by 3″ wide (with bracket on some models) to 7″ wide by 2″ high.

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  • All lamps carry the CE Mark
  • Models range from 1,620 to 7,200 lumens
  • Lights have between 4 and 9 bright, white LED lights
  • Economical, but comes with the standard FRC 5-year warranty for lighting products
  • Powered by DC Voltage, and designed to withstand shock, RFI/EMI interference, voltage surges, UV and reverse polarity
  • Available in Black or White powder coat finish

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