CRESTLIGHT LED Low Profile Lighting W/ Markers

Product Overview

CrestLight low profile LED scene lights provide the flexibility to apply the proper light for the job. The CrestLight is the combination of three different lights, white narrow flood, white low beam and amber DOT markers. The Narrow flood LEDs provide the maximum light coverage directing the light straight out and away from the apparatus; ideal for lighting structures. The exclusive Low beam light will deliver the maximum amount of light directly in front and 150 feet away from the apparatus. Excellent in combination with bumper/trash line operations. Ideal for working vehicle scene applications. Will not blind passing traffic or emergency personnel on the opposite side of the scene for optimal safety.

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  • Output range - 2,600 to 17,800 Lumens
  • Exclusive low-beam lens
  • Available in White & Black powder coated housing
  • Supply Voltage - 12/24 VDC
  • Low profile light just under 2"
  • Innovative Cooling Fins Provide Higher Efficiency
  • Long Operating Life - LEDs Rated at 50,000 Hours
  • Instant-On at Full Intensity
  • Five Year LED Lighting Warranty
  • Combination of Narrow Flood, Low Beam LEDs *
  • Independent wiring for control of Narrow Flood, Low Beam and DOT markers *
  • Built-in DOT marker light on CLA100 series *

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